Nicolas Cage finally talks about his a civil war era photo

After a civil war era photo for auction on eBay, has gone viral on the internet with several claims about the actor Nicolas Cage being a “vampire”, an immortal and a cloned doppelgänger, he finally addressed the pic and the rumors at David Letterman’s Late Show:

“How can I be polite about this,” he said of the man in the picture. “It’s a somewhat slowed down version of me.”

Furthermore, he posited that the very existence of the picture would seem to denounce the vampire theory. After all, it’s common knowledge that vampires’ pictures can’t be taken. “I don’t drink blood and last time I looked in the mirror, I had a reflection, so I’m not going with the vampire theory,” he concluded.

I don’t believe he’s a vampire neither immortal, but perhaps an Illuminati bloodline clone of some ancient personality and for the record: Occult Illuminati symbols and rituals are often spotted on Cage’s movies, he likes to buy haunted houses in the Southern US and castles in Europe and I read somewhere that he performed black magic rituals during the filming of Ghost Rider 2. You decide…