New Discoveries On The Moon

By Matteo Ianneo

From the studies conducted on the surface of marte I have individualized different equal analogies to those terrestrial.Subsequently I have studied the surface of the moon and I have also found the same analogies, that the moon had been inhabited in passed by different people, that for due causes to some event still to establish has been forced to move in possible fit worlds to their life. Now I attach you an image that if you attentively analyze, you will see ruins of ancient civilizations, buried pieces from the time of an ancient civilization. In more if you attentively observe there is a figurine that looks in before, it is noticed a lot in evidence the muscle of the shoulder.

I am certain that many planets have been civilized, but…. someone wants to hide the truth. Subsequently I will make you see and I will show you that also on the planet mercury has been you in remote time the life. Evidently mercury its position was very more distant from the sun, and therefore it favored the life after sometime the planet.Pictures below.

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