New Disgusting Viral Trend: Pooping in Public Pools

(No Reported Cases in America Yet, But Only Matter Of Time With These Stupid Kids)

A DISGUSTING new viral trend in Spain has seen young children and teens challenging each other to poo in communal swimming pools and water parks.

Several pools have been forced to close to clean and disinfect the water after becoming contaminated.

Young children between the ages of 12 and 16 have been blamed for the challenge – dubbed “Hacer Caca”, meaning “to poo” in English – where they are told to poo in the pool or carry it in a bag and dump it in the water.

They then share the images or video to social media as part of the challenge.

A number of water parks and swimming pools in Valencia have found faeces in their water following the trend.

Segóbriga Park in was forced to close twice in one week, according to El Periodico Mediterraneo.

Poo was found in the pool on July 24 and July 31 in what was described as a “deliberate” act.

On July 24, a statement on the park’s Facebook page explained: “For causes beyond the direction of the Segóbriga Park and for a reason of hygiene and health caused by an incident, the complex has been forced to close during the morning of Wednesday, July 24 and must remain closed until Thursday 25 until 2pm.”

On July 31, a second statement added: “The City Council of Segorbe has been forced to close again the pool of Segóbriga park to perform tasks of disinfection of the waters, until tomorrow about 2pm.

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