The Nano Garden Lets You Grow Veggies Right in Your Kitchen


Whether we’re scouring the web for funky flower pots or turning old floppy disks into whimsical homes for herbs and succulents, we love all forms of creative gardening. Cities far and wide have started embracing rooftop gardens for bringing fresh local veggies in the spring, summer and fall to city folks. Fire escapes have become perfect spots for tomato plants, and windows have become increasingly jam-packed with basil, rosemary, mint, and sage.

But, what about city dwellers and suburbanites who don’t have access to a rooftop garden or plant-friendly fire escape? Or perhaps the right dose of rainwater and sunshine just doesn’t make it to your particular locale?

The Kitchen Nano Garden by Hyundai is a super cool concept for growing a vegetable garden right in your kitchen, without help from sun or rain. And yes, it is straight from The Jetsons.

The concept takes tiered metal shelving, climate controlled panels, purposefully-directed lumens, and an attachment to a water source to make your indoor vegetable crop dreams a potential reality. Because light, water and nutrient supply is totally controllable, it’s up to you how quickly you want your veggies to grow. It will alert you if you’re overwatering, over-sunning, or if your plants need more nutrients. It even works to naturally purify the air in your home.

Though we’re sort of weirded out by the whole fake sun fake rain thing, the potential for sustainably growing all of your own vegetables and herbs is definitely impressive, and certainly fits in to the idea of keeping things local.

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