The narrative has changed course – Proceed With Caution

This is bigger than anyone can imagine. We are in dark times and the transition of Trump being President has America ripping at the seams. Good vs Evil – Angels vs Demons! In multiple ways, as many of you know already without me even making a post about it. I have been laying low and away from the internet for AWHILE.. As many of you know. Im sorry to get up and leave the site, with only making sure our servers were secured. Things were getting strange and I felt a major part of me HAD to stay away for awhile. Preparing my self. We know lots of PSYOP’s are committed to further an agenda. There is an internal war inside major clubs, political organizations and other agencies. The common goal will not continue under the narrative has been going forward. Below is a compiled list of the major events that are a MAJOR CONSPIRACY in the MAKING?!?!?! Maybe, Maybe Not


Trump as President —–

As many of you know somehow Trump got elected. George Soros machines and the illegals weren’t enough to stop Trump from getting elected by the American’s who want a better America! Where we keep our factories here and hire American workers for a living wage and Rebuild out infrastructure. Look everyone can say what, lets just hope he isn’t part of the ‘plan’. As I would like to think he is the one who is creating the shaking of boot of some of these recent news events. Please make America Great Again. We will have to wait and see… Hopefully the recount/electoral college scandals will prevent her from Presidency. Apparently this method might not work as well.. Please keep your eyes and ears open for latest news until he gets sworn in.

Assange – Dead or Alive? ——

This goes along with the latest leaks/news that has been breaking from Wikileaks dump of emails which relate to Podesta and Hillary Clinton and not to mention many other high ranking officials. Assange has not been seen from the Embassy window. Wikileaks is using a different or not even a PGP key with their communications. They are not safe, do not leak – you will be caught. Wikileaks denies they are compromised but I can’t tell for sure. That recent Assange interview was possibly recorded an an earlier date. Many also think they have replaced him with a double. But I also found a story about being removed from the web due to a comment regarding a phone call claiming that the White House is scrubbing the story until after the inauguration. As we know most of the emails from the leak database eventually disappeared and or hidden extras were found then deleted. Many people still have the screenshots, Popup sometimes but the major social media outlets are in on the removal until a certain point in time. Many claim the weird Wikileaks tweets have a secret code to help him. We will have to wait and see… I have always said from bringing that Wikileaks could be a front.

Spirit Cooking —–

Another possible planted story? A distraction? Well as many know this came out with the emails as well. The Spirit Cooking refers to “a sacrament in the religion of thelema which was founded by aleister crowley” and involves an occult performance during which menstrual blood breast milk urine and sperm are used to create a “painting”. We know many celebrities, political officials and even Hillary her self have attended. We don’t know if this is 100% true but it was released in the Wikileaks emails. Also references to Moloch. Moloch, also spelled Molech, a Canaanite deity associated in biblical sources with the practice of child sacrifice. So we can assume that Satanic practices occur in inner circles.

PizzaGate —–

Well Im sure we all have heard the story about PizzaGate and all the avenues that lead to complete mysterious information that has been protected and denied by major news outlets. The funny thing as I type that work PizzaGate it is correctly spelled. Look at that. Well first of all you know the major player in this conspiracy came from the Podesta emails. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of weird ‘Code Talk’ in the emails which correlates to a weird key that a user anonymously posted online. Not to mention logos which match the FBI Pedo logo guide. Coincidence? Think not because Besta Pizza changed that same logo to remove the ‘known’ symbol. Comet Pizza was a big player in this research because Soros, Hillary and many others either supported or visited the place. They have a creepy amount of kids in the place, with ‘hidden rooms’ and even a major refrigerator room and other weird art work. (Which has been taken down.) Not to mention, new staff after the news broke. Many idiots have tried going into the place for investigating and ruined it! I think they were plants. But there has been SO MUCH Information regarding Comet Pizza an the Owner. But he denies it all but hey there is no real solid evidence. Many reviews talk about the wings tasting off at his other restaurant, yelp has scrubbed some reviews. We also believe there is the Dupont Underground Tunnel Complex which connects most of these places. That is a whole other post about that! TwitterGate was also related the the Comet media disturbance to rid the net of these sickos. Which backfired. Look around for these logos and signs. Not to mention they hold weird parities in their basement. So don’t harass the business or owners at all. Just do research and then do something once something non-circumstantial. There will be a more detailed post in future, possible..

(Breaking News) Shooting at Comet Ping Pong —–

This is a breaking story. We are getting reports the day before this, they so happen to remove the traffic cameras at the intersections near Comet Ping Pong.. Hmm… More to come — –

This is the reason why I have finally decided to write a short post on some of this information that I haven been following secretly since it have hit the web on message boards. Saving and researching all the new leads that have been disappearing from the internet like every other hour. We have to pay close attention to this story and what happens. We know the media is already claiming this man was a nut conspiracy claiming they were abusing children and looking for tunnels. I mean, hey they did put it in there but the problem is they’re dismissing the possibility of it being true. Like I said I will update this when more research is done, instead of what the MSM has put out there for the moment.

Attempt to Shut Down Alt. Media —-

We already know the new list the media has put out of Fake News Websites. Its funny how they can disinfo everyone who isn’t ‘awake’ so easily.. We this is the plan with the old narrative to further the NWO agenda. We know there will be certain ‘channels’ much like how your TV network plans are setup now. Different tiers of service which translates to certain channels. They will do the same with the internet and only verified sited will only exist. Completely monopoly of propaganda. So don’t put it past that these fake events will cause some type of legislation if the current White House has something to do with it or in the next 10 years. But its a baby step.

What will come next?

Not sure but I know all we do is hope and be prepared to think rationally by investigating and not jumping to conclusions and not do ‘investigating’ on open discussion forums for time to cover the tracks. As we know many have deleted their instagrams, Facebooks and Twitters due to the nature of the account and getting too much attention. There was also a twitter user who exposed hundreds of accounts but instead his account got removed?!? Websites have gone offline, business logos changed and much more! I might start posting more but I do have a lack of energy and honestly little hesitant to get into the rabbit hole of dark secrets… Make sure I stay safe, so does everyone else. The news will pour out eventually, its only if we believe it or not.

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