New Information: Bunker blast at Camp Minden

The following is statement from the Louisiana National Guard concerning the explosion at Camp Minden earlier this week. On Monday night the Camp Minden post security heard a loud sound which could have been a possible explosion. Subsequently, the post security physically surveyed the camp in accordance with established protocols and conferred with contractor tenants who stated that they were not able to confirm the origination of the sound.

Upon daylight on Tuesday morning, a Camp Minden tenant organization, Explo Inc., discovered that one of their storage areas had exploded and reported the incident to the Louisiana National Guard. Following this report, the Louisiana National Guard notified local authorities and the Louisiana State Police of the explosion in accordance with standard protocol.

The substance that exploded was a smokeless powder and does not pose a threat outside of Camp Minden. Explo is currently conducting clean-up operations of the site. The incident is under investigation by the LSP. The incident area

is a restricted area and will remain off limits to anyone other than authorized individuals due to normal operational security and safety requirements. For questions concerning the investigation, please direct those to the Louisiana State Police.

For questions regarding the commercial operation, please direct those to Explo. For questions regarding the operations or details of the explosion, please direct those to Explo.