North Korea proposes high-level talks with US

north-korea-proposes-highlevel-talks-with-us_160613110934Pyongyang has proposed high-level talks with the US, KCNA state news agency reports. This comes after the North and the South canceled talks amid high tensions on the peninsula.

On Sunday KCNA delivered a statement by the North Korea National Defence Commission which said that Washington can pick a date and place for talks and the two sides can discuss a range of issues. It however warned that no preconditions should be attached.

“(We) propose high-level talks between the North Korean and US governments to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula, and establish regional peace and security,” the statement said.

The move may lead to easing of tensions which have been running high as Pyongyang threatened nuclear and missile strikes against South Korea and the United States following a round of UN sanctions adopted in response to a nuclear weapons test in February.