NXIVM Sex Cult Witness Names MAJOR Stars & Politicians in Polygraph

This is one of the biggest bombshells we’ve seen in history when it comes to child trafficking and child sex trafficking. The star witness has named names in a polygraphed released couple days ago. Steven D. Hamre, a Certified Polygraph Examiner has signed off on the test as well. Ben Skemkus, named some huge names from one of the NXIVM meetings in 2007. But some of the big names listed are below and the document will be posted below the names as well.

Stormy Daniels
James Alefantis
Anthony Weiner
Eric Sneiderman

Allison Mack

It was also mentioned that Anthony Weiner’s laptop was entered into evidence for the NXIVM trial. And not to forget the interesting deaths of two NYPD officers only less than a month before this.… And they were the ‘ones’ who gave the laptop to the FBI. Don’t forget that NXIVM was funneling money to Hillary Clinton as well!

It’s also very interesting to see James Alefantis name mentioned as well… Don’t you remember him from Ping/Pong Comet Pizza and ‘Pizzagate’? Does this all make a complete 360 back to that? Not much is known but Ill update this post or make a new one with anything else I find! Here is a video I found of this guys encounter: