Black Helicopters.. Watching You?

Black helicopters is a term which became popular in the United States militia movement and its associated political circles in the 1990s as a symbol and warning sign of an alleged conspiratorial military takeover of the United States, though it has also been associated with men in black and similar conspiracies. Rumors circulated that, for instance, the United Nations patrolled the US with unmarked black helicopters, or that federal agents used black helicopters to enforce wildlife laws. The concept springs from the basic truth that many government agencies and corporations do use helicopters, and that some of these helicopters are dark-colored or black. For instance, dark-colored military helicopters were deployed in the standoff at Ruby Ridge. Earlier tales from the 1970s linked them with UFO conspiracy theories.

Note: Both The Washington Post and Russia Today reported in 2008 that the Pentagon was training 20,000 troops to be deployed inside The United States to serve as a response to a mass terror attack or civil unrest following an economic collapse.

Since our groundbreaking article, Pentagon To Deploy 20,000 Troops In CONUS For Civil Unrest, we have received many different tips and eye witness accounts related to the possible deployment of foreign and/or American military to quell civil unrest inside the United States as well as a reports of a growing number of large, unmarked black helicopters.

Activist Post, has received some significant tips from their version of our article that they posted:

There have been massive large black helicopters flying over my city of Boulder, Colorado at sunrise; the helicopters have two large propellers,they appear to be transport helicopters. This hasn’t happened before; they fly in groups of three and not more than 150 feet above the rooftops…very stealth. I’ve had dozens of people complain about it, it wakes most of the 100,000 people that live in Boulder. Peace..

While this could be normal routine fly overs(not the issue we are exposing as the military has every right to transport and train troops in America as long as they do not plan to use them against American citizens) It does seem suspicious considering that the helicopters are described as black helicopters that weren’t normally seen in the area. I thought black helicopters were a conspiracy theory?

Southern Californian, checking in. Confirmed for helicopters everywhere, I see them flying day and night. At first, it was only at night, which I first noticed in May- but it seems they just don’t care what time they fly now. I see at least at least 3 during the day just from my room. It becomes uncountable when it gets darker. It’s like they’re just going on a grid, because I always see them pass each of my windows. I saw a helicopter land behind a local market in the next city over, that city is a bit ‘ghetto.’ There are far more helicopters in that city compared to mine, I tend to avoid going there as much as possible. Some counties are demanding answers, but the military won’t give them any details.

I was listening to one of their posted army bases ‘public frequency’ (got from an OCregister article complaining of the helicopters,) and I heard them talking about expanding a surveillance program. Thr night I listened, they were watching the streets looking for suspicious activity, (car jackings, robberies, etc.) This seems overly unnecessary, and thr frequency only admitted to 8 helicopters being part of their program. I know there are far more than 8 because I can see 2 or 3 at a time during night just by my home. When I go to my mates pad, I try not to even look up- because you can blatantly see a few going across at one time whenever you look up. I don’t know what to think about any of this.

The major question that arises from the above tip is whether or not ALL the helicopters are actually from the Army rather than the local police. If the army is taking part in domestic surveillance we have a major problem.

Similar event in Silver Spring Wheaton area, Maryland:

Very large black helicopters very loud in groups hovering and staying in the area. The police have claimed that it is only for traffic but I consider that police BS for, “we dont want to tell the truth.” I know from experience of living in my area that they are not typical traffic helicopters and far larger than most police, military or  presidential ones. It seems it would be critical high level to use such large and expensive machines with no reasonable notice to the public.

I am familitar with most military planes and helicopters and am disgusted when police or govt insult my intelligence by saying it it just a tv station or such BS. Another sign of BS and ominous – my area did not approve of helicopters in the budget! Where did they come from? The local county and state did not buy them so I am guessing war, military, or espionage which has the most expensive, most advanced equipment while the traffic, police, and county vehicles are old out of date.

There is no military base in my area, no reason for them to spy in my area.

This above tip describes multiple black helicopters in an area that has no funding for any such helicopters.

I am also in Southern California in a city about 40 minutes east of Los Angeles called Glendora. There used to be a clearly marked police helicopter maybe once a month looking for a criminal, then it became once a week on the weekends. Now it happens almost nightly and the helicopters are all black in color without any distinct markings.

Several residents have complained, especially with the economic problems all counties and cities are facing. The city council said it is monitoring suspicious activity which is BS. People continue to complain and nothing is getting done. The city council has become a brick wall. Need to go higher up I guess.

Black helicopters with no distinct markings being seen daily is startling to say the least. The city council may not even be in control of these helicopters which would explain why they have ignored their constituents.

My wife and I were on Hagg lake in Oregon’s Washington county several weeks ago. Out of the corner of my eye, to the Northwest, I caught a helicopter about 4 clicks out. Soon two more came over the hills and I recognized them as Chinooks.

Problem was, and I mentioned this to my wife, was that the choppers seemed to have no discernible markings, and the color was wrong. At the time I thought it was strange, but gave it no further thought until I read your column. -Old Vet. Peace be to you-

We also have them in the Amarillo, TX area. Although all I’ve seen are single rotor ships that resemble gunships. One group of 3 passed overhead during daylight, though they were not armed they had missle rails.  Several others also saw them.

I am ex-military and am certain these were combat choppers.

Hey guys,just wanted to let ya know that I saw a Black helicopter when I was on my way to the shooting range a couple of weeks ago.This was over an area called Kelly Canyon south of Flagstaff,AZ.

I live in Easton, Maryland. We have a small municipal airport here. When the Bush administration came into office a lot of high profile .gov officials (VP Cheaney, Don Rumsfield, etc.) moved to the surrounding area. So on a regular basis we would see Army One and Black Hawk helis in the area. I always chocked it up to gov officials being transported. With the Obamma administration we do not see Army One any more, but the unmarked blackhawks we see almost on a daily basis. Sometimes they are alone and other times they travel in three’s, just as one of your readers pointed out.

Black Helicopter seen north bound along Turnpike in Broward – Miami Dade Counties on 07/26/2011 at around 5:30 P.M.

Years ago Outside Colville, WA in NE Washington State they were continually having Black Helicopter sightings with troops and field exercises. Freedom of Information Act inquiries were continually made of the federal government with no response. Someone got the brilliant idea to resubmit asking for something like ARMY GREEN instead of BLACK, then the flood of FOIA material began to pour in.

Pods of 3 Chinooks,painted matte black,are being seen on an SE/NW and reverse routing in S.W. Mississippi,near the La State line(90 deg W Lon,(usually) around 31 deg N lat)on a semi-weekly basis….usually late in the evening,Oh-Dark-Thirty.Even when viewed with optics,there are no marking visible,but the door-gun position is manned as is the ramp gunner.

Since Mid-May these flights have been increasing.Estimated altitude is above the 500 ft minimums.I have also heard flights at night but have not been able to see any running/nav lights and have no info on make-up,size or altitude of these.

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The information above is only a little bit of it that can be found by searching on Google and other search engines.. There has been more and more sightings of these black helicopters lately.. The reason is because Martial Law or something big is on the horizon! If you have seen a helicopter by your house or if you have any other information; please email me at