UEFA EURO 2012 Official China Promotion Shows London Destroyed

After seeing something like that, at the mouth overflowing with only the word offensive. Chinese TV Now TV has created an ad, promoting the 2012 European championships. Struggle footballers in Poland and Ukraine will, after all, to watch over the world. It would not be surprising, if not … contents of the bags.

Blazing Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum. Tanks, soldiers, bombers and aircraft. Unfortunately, it seems that the Chinese still do not understand what’s really going on in football. While the use of the word “war” in the context of football duels it’s okay, even cool sounds, conjuring images of a World War II is a strong exaggeration.

Football is emotion, hard fight on the pitch, honor, national colors, always powerful, and often blood and tears. But not only. There are poignant moments, sun, beautiful girls, great fun in the stands and the often friendly atmosphere. No one does not shoot anyone, and after the World Cup matches and European fans from different countries often go together for a beer and play till dawn.

Unfortunately, our colleagues in China to understand the idea of ​​this event was mistaken. Perhaps even society “means a country” more interested in the Euro 2012, when he will present them in such a radical way. However, the Chinese have to learn that sports event mainly healthy pleasure, and cartoons with guns and bombers are on the football like a flower to the scum.

Well, the Chinese propaganda movie, because it is not advertising, Kazimiera Szczuka could be used to announce the next absurd theses, that the football was entertaining a male chauvinist.