One family vs. Wells Fargo

When Marjorie Gibson passed away from cancer, she left her house to her daughter, Gail, to raise her children and grandchildren. At 65, Gail works full-time to support her family, and can afford to make her monthly mortgage payments.

But Wells Fargo won’t let Gail make her payments, because they say the house belongs to Marjorie, even though Marjorie is dead. Now Wells Fargo is trying to foreclose on the home Gail’s family has owned for two generations.

When Wells Fargo sent Gail notice of foreclosure shortly after her mother’s death, she was shocked. Gail says she tried to explain to Wells Fargo that she now owns the home and wants to pay the mortgage, but Wells Fargo just says they’ll look into it and never gives her any information.

Gail started a petition on asking Wells Fargo to stop the unfair foreclosure on her mother’s home. Click here to the sign the petition and stand with Gail.

Gail says Wells Fargo claims to have spoken with her mother about the home as she lay stricken with cancer, but Gail cared for her ailing mother to the end and says Marjorie was too weak to speak to anyone. Gail has contacted Wells Fargo for six months to get more information on the payments needed to keep the house, and says they continue to refuse to speak to her while moving ever closer to foreclosure. She even sent the bank a check for $5,000 and says it was returned.

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