4 Old Cartoons That Explain The World..

We all know the problems of our country.. The Political Parties, The Federal Reserve, The Economy and the Global Elite which controls the world.. But the interesting thing is that these same problems still exist.. Below are four old cartoons that explain the method to the madness! America is only cycling through the same issues and we never fix it completely..Thats why we are always in the same situations but the only difference is the date, See for yourself:

1. The Bankers/Wall Street own the False Left Right Paradigm:

2. The Tyranny of and by the False Left Right Paradigm funnels substantially ALL tax revenue to the Bankers/Wall Street:

3. The Tyranny of and by the False Left Right Paradigm incurs incredible amounts of deficits to enslave future generations to pay interest to the Bankers/Wall Street; under the guise of funding basic (unnecessary) bureaucratic services:

4. The sum total is you are a debt/tax slave to the Rothschilds:

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