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Hardcore Ordo Ab Chao – British police now want to shoot you in a riot – After they stood back and let it happen

How is this for “Ordo Ab Chao”…First they stand back and let riots happen – see here – then they want sweeping new powers – see here – but that’s not enough, now they want to be able to shoot you.

I’ve said it before…I think it is time to leave Britain. Fuck going down with the ship, save yourself. The Orwellian motherland is 5 minutes from being a complete nightmare police state prison. Leave while you still can. Try and take a boat so they don’t force radiate you.

POLICE should be prepared to shoot arsonists during riots to save innocent lives, one of the UK’s senior officers has said.

An official review of police tactics during the shocking summer disturbances has found that officers should be ready to use “extraordinary measures” if yobs endanger lives by attacking homes and businesses.

In a landmark report, Sir Denis O’Connor, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary, also said police should be prepared to use plastic bullets and water cannon to tackle rioters who use weapons such as petrol bombs and rocks to attack emergency services.

Sir Denis said: “If we don’t raise some of these awkward issues, then we’re not giving people the chance to prepare for a future where we’re slightly more assured as to what will happen.

“Some new rules of engagement are necessary so the police can protect the public in confidence. People were burned out of their houses. We can all remember the woman leaping from the burning building in Croydon.”

The recommendations were made in a far-reaching report on the handling of rioting in London and several other major cities in August.

Polish mother Monika Konczyk, 32, was pictured leaping from her flat in an image which came to symbolise the riots.

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