Oswald’s rifle in the famous LIFE Magazine backyard photo is not the same rifle entered into evidence

To cut to the chase, here is a visual comparison of the “backyard photo” rifle and scope (CE-133-A) with CE 139, the rifle and scope placed in evidence by the Dallas Police and the Warren Commission.

At John A’s suggestion, I created the graphic above by rotating a “backyard photo,” cropping out just the rifle, and positioning it directly below the WC image of CE 139. The differences, including the scope’s relation of the rifle, seem quite obvious. Note also the color of the sling and the curvature of the end of the rifle butt.  John added the the pointers below to show the differences in the scope.

The piece explains that the so called “Backyard photos” were being processed by Robert and Patricia Hester at the National Photography Laboratory in Oak Cliff long before they were officially “discovered,” and that the composite picture in the photo(s) is most likely Russian-speaking Harvey Oswald’s head placed on Roscoe White’s body, and that the whole Dial Ryder story was invented because initial prints of the backyard photos did not appear to show a scope mounted on the rifle.

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