Parastoo Claims Launch of Second UAV in US


You Need To Be Informed That We Have Successfully Launched A Second UAV Flight On U.s Soil. The Results Of This Op Will Be Published Timely After Our Release Regarding The Jfk Op, During The Upcoming So-called Geneva-2. Op655 Took Place Over A Deserted Area In Maryland, Far From Civil Or Military Bases For The Purpose Of This Demo.

Both UAV Used In These Ops Are Made In U.s Powered By Idirect System, Which We Mentioned In Our Previous Messages. U.s Navy USS Vincennese Was Inside Iranian Territory When Fired Missile To A Civilian Plane Result In 299 Death Among Them 66 Children. Later, The Captain Received A Medal For His Heroic Operation.

To Honor That Event With A Proper Medal Based On Our Standards, Op655 Full Release Will Have A Bonus: Technical Details Of Rq-170.

Besides The Geneva-2, We Have Set Dates For Future Releases According To A List Of Dates Important Resistant Figures Have Been Targeted And Assassinated By The Only Regime Who Get To Enjoy A 6-decades Durable “license To Kill” [1] While Sucking Up Financial Blood Out Of U.s Citizens [2], Who Have To Deal With Their Own Honorable Medal Carrying Officials Like James Clapper Who Just Embarrassed Himself Once Again [3].

While You Are Enjoying Watching A Bit Of Uav Fun Flying Over Monster Fleets [4] We Would Like To Remind You No Matter Where You Are,even Inside Protected Cubes In Maryland Or The Most Nuclear-power Dependent Area — Virginia, You Are Not Anonymous. Expect Us.

03 July 2013