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Plans for Apple’s new UFO-styled HQ appear online

After much speculation about Apple’s new spaceship-like headquarters, dubbed Apple Campus 2, the city of Cupertino, California has made the plans for the massive complex available for download.

The verdict: the complex is absolutely huge.

According to the plans, the structure itself will have a circumference roughly the size of the U.S. Pentagon, the world’s largest office building.

At 2.8 million square feet it will be much thinner than the Pentagon, which measures in at 6.5 million square feet.

The building will have space for approximately 13,000 employees, a 300,000 square foot research facility, a 1,000 person auditorium, a 58,000 square foot dining area and a two-story fitness area.

In addition to being simply a mammoth structure, the plans show that the building will be very green. Rendered images show solar panels covering the roof of the building. Apple says that it will provide most of its own power and will require very little from the grid.

Apple has also worked with scientists from Stanford University to restore native wildlife within the complex.

Though the building still needs approval, Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong has enthusiastically supported Apple and has said that there is ‘no chance’ the building will not be approved.

The complex is expected to be completed in 2015.

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