Prepare For Cost Increases: Americans WARNED Prices Will Jump

The risk of rising prices means lower sales, which could result in layoffs and store closures,” RILA wrote in a letter dated Monday that was addressed to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. “The ripple effect of these tariffs will be felt in every sector of the American economy,” according to Business Insider.

This is something many have warned about from the beginning. There is plenty of evidence that shows the economy both in the U.S. and globally is in a precarious situation and things are not nearly as “robust” as we are being led to believe.  A list of the products affected (either because they come from China or the materials to make them do) was published by Business Insider:

  • Apparel (Out of all US imports, China supplies more than 85% of women’s cotton sweaters, 77% of girls’ cotton sweaters, 69% of men’s cotton sweaters, and 45% of all baby garments and clothing accessories.)
  • Footwear (China supplies 52% of all leather footwear imports)
  • Toys (85% of all toys sold in the US are imported from China, according to The Toy Association)
  • Consumer electronics, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and televisions
  • Bedding, quilts, blankets, sheets, baby blankets, comforters, throws
  • Car seats and booster seats
  • Party supplies and favors, Easter eggs, Halloween costumes, and Easter baskets
  • Christmas ornaments and decor
  • Pool floats and air mattresses
  • Food storage, tumblers, portable beverages, and water bottles
  • Curtain panels, window sheers, and drapes
  • Artificial flowers, wreaths, Christmas trees, and garlands
  • Patio umbrellas and patio furniture
  • High-efficiency dual flush toilets and other toilets
  • Charcoal grills and smokers
  • Stainless steel patio heaters
  • Lighting
  • Ceiling fans
  • Power tools, including drills, grinders, saws, sanders, routers, and batteries
  • Bras

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