Pizza Hut Demotes Driver For Defending Himself During Attack

SamSwicegood-500x281-300x168Fox News picked up on a Glen Burnie incident where a pizza delivery driver for Pizza Hut was demoted and is currently looking for work for defending himself during an attack.  Sam Swicegood was attacked on December 17th by a group of five teens and he defended himself with a part of a tent pole that was in his car. His attackers did not get any money, or the pizzas, but Sam was demoted for violating a company policy on carrying weapons. He was told by Pizza Hut that he would no longer be allowed to drive for the company and has been demoted to kitchen staff and his scheduled hours have been reduced.

The online outrage has been fueled by Pizza Hut’s lack of any response. The Pizza Hut Facebook page has been inundated with comments questioning why the chain, which also owns Taco Bell and KFC, places so little value on the safety of their employees.

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