Plexiglass Cages Coming To Restaurants & Public Spaces Soon

Once the quarantine is over, there will be major changes to society forever. Several of the most impacted industries; travel, tourism, and restaurants, are devising some pretty radical devices in hopes of attracting customers back after the coronavirus has ended. Such as these glass boxes which will possibly be used at beaches:

The boxes have been conceptualized by Nuova Neon Group Due, a firm located in Modena, Italy. Each box can house two occupants and measures 4.5m x 4.5m x 2m. It’s literally a giant box that will be placed around beachgoers.

There also been photos which show transparent boxes made of plexiglass walls that sit on top of a restaurant table. Which will limit the transmission of bodily fluids between guests even if you’re in the same family. They want to make you feel like you are in prison 24/7 with all the new ‘shields’ placed in businesses.

I have already noticed that coffee places have similar shields to block the register and pickup areas. Some places might never return with dine-in service which is completely crazy. Nothing has stopped us before from eating out during flu season or swine flu. We need to stop believing the media and accept the stripped freedoms a simple virus has caused. Lets hope we don’t see these safety measures in our once favorite restaurants.