Poland may demand over $1 TRILLION in reparations from Germany over WW2

A revised war reparations bill owed by Germany and calculated by a Polish parliamentary committee may exceed $1 trillion, the senior lawmaker in charge of a report into the matter has suggested.

Speaking to the Polish conservative weekly Sieci, Arkadiusz Mularchyk, head of the Polish parliamentary group on war reparations, said the document compiled by his group “comprehensively assesses the losses suffered by Poland during World War II.” While Mularchyk did not want to disclose the total amount of damage calculated for the report, he noted that it “significantly exceeded” the amount originally calculated at the end of the conflict and that current calculations indicated a bill in excess of $1 trillion.

In 1947, a report published by the Office of War Compensation valued the scale of Nazi damage in Poland at $48 billion – $850 billion at today’s rate. However, since entering government in 2015, the ruling Law & Justice Party (PiS) has reignited the issue of war reparations as a central part of its nationalist agenda. Mularchyk’s committee has spent the last two years trying to calculate the adjusted figure, looking at demographic losses, loss of livelihoods, mental and physical conditions suffered, and the drop in post-war productivity due to the widespread destruction and killing.

Mularchyk said that the report will be forwarded to the senior government figures for review in the coming days, including President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Moravetsky, noting that the next steps are now a “question for the leadership of our state.” However, he suggested that the report is made available for the public on September 1, to mark the 80th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s invasion.

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