Piers Morgan Rants About Gun Control..

Steve Watson

Here is the tweet: “Quite incredible that Bob Costas makes an impassioned plea for less handguns, and Americans go crazy with indignation. He’s 100% right.”

CNN anchor Piers Morgan has been bombarded with angry responses from Americans following a twitter rant in which he called for increased gun control and said the Second Amendment was outdated.

Following Sunday’s on air gun control rant by NBC’s Bob Costas, CNN ran a number of segments advocating more gun control.

Anchor Brooke Baldwin stated “perhaps Congress is listening” after her guest called for tougher gun laws, and anchor Carol Costello asked if the incident should “cause us to rethink gun control?”

By far the most vocal, however, was Morgan, who tweeted with regard to Costas’ comments “He’s 100% right,”

“The 2nd amendment was devised with muskets in mind, not high-powered handguns & assault rifles. Fact,” Morgan later added.

In between messages about sports and how wonderful the Royal family are, the British anchor then re-tweeted New York Mayor Bloomberg’s call for a “frank discussion about gun laws and gun violence.”

Morgan also tweeted, “America has 300 million guns and 11-12,000 gun murders a year. I think it’s time there was a serious debate about guns in the U.S.”, adding “When Bill O’Reilly agrees America needs more gun control, I think the time for serious debate has arrived” linking to a Huffington Post article about O’Reilly calling for harsher punishments for gun crimes.

Following scores of counter tweets from pro-second amendment Americans, Morgan tweeted “I’d like fewer Americans to die from gun crime each day. That’s all. It’s a debate worth having, however much abuse I need to endure!”

The CNN anchor then posted numerous sarcastic responses to tweets he has received from critics.

Morgan was, for the most part, owned by his critics, including author Carol Roth, who used facts and reasoned arguments in the face of his empty talking points and glib sarcastic responses.

This is not the first time CNN has played host to Morgan’s anti-gun rants. In the hours after the “Batman” shootings back in July, he spent a large portion of his time calling for more gun control.

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