Proof of Life and Water on Mars?

It is also a companion to the book “The Hidden Truth: Water & Life on Mars.” Like the book, this report presents much of the core better hard verifiable surface water in a liquid state evidence and living forest life evidence thought to be impossible on the Mars surface. Also all this evidence is presented here in plentiful enough sample numbers so as not to be regarded as aberrations or denied or ignored. Please access the book for more details and insight.

It is the hidden Mars demonstrating a shockingly different view that will astound some who only thought they knew this our sister world. Please understand that all of the evidence here is thoroughly documented and verifiable in the MGS official science data at the links I’ve provided under each image below. Link to this report and let your friends and others judge the evidence objectively for themselves.

The visual evidence is presented here in two sampling blocks representing the better of the discoveries. In the first block you’ll see quite a few different bodies of water in a liquid state with some of these surrounded by the bonus of very conventional looking forests. The second block is all about samples of large form forest life Mars style none of which are by official consensus suppose to exist at all on this world.

Remember that the Mars surface is officially suppose to be completely dry and devoid of life. Further, the atmosphere is suppose to be 95.35% carbon dioxide (CO2) with only a very tiny .03% of water vapor and super hard frozen to the tune of as much as –220º Fahrenheit or –140º Celsius. In other words it would be a race as to whether an unprotected Earth human out in the open there would be speedily killed by too much poisonous CO2 gas by many times over or quickly frozen to death.

Note that, even though all of the following evidence is in the official science data and available there for verification, you have never heard a peep out of NASA or JPL as to its existence. So this amounts to the hidden Mars that it appears someone in control does not wish you and I to know about or at least also ignore. Also note that I have added a slight bit of false color to these online images to increase clarity and the viewing comfort level. In any case, the high drama visual evidence is as follows.

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