Police & Courts Are Unconstitutional

Today I was on my way home and the police department was setting up a Police Checkpoint right in the middle of rush hour on a busy street. The cops are so corrupt they put it in a position where you can’t make any turns before it’s too late and they also have the two different police forces covering each side. These checkpoints are unconstitutional, Why are they doing them in the day-time. I always thought the excuse was that they needed to catch drunk drivers, well not in the morning. Are they looking for someone? Or are they trying to boost revenue to justify their jobs?

When I drove past the checkpoint today they were just starting to set it up, Thank god!! I had a cracked windshield and a expire inspection sticker. They would have ripped me apart at that checkpoint! I should go up there with my video camera and film them, I bet that would make them feel real threatened due to this is against our constitutional rights! I have seen people go through these checkpoints by pleading the 5th amendment and ask for a lawyer to be present. This works but the police officers try to make you give in and waive your rights. If a cop asks you if you “understand” always say NO because if you understand than you are giving the officer powers over you.

Same goes for a Judge when he walks in everyone stands up. You do not want to do this because this is implying that you accept his rule of the law. There are only two types of court in America, Civil and Criminal. Both of these have no jurisdiction over the Common Law or in other words the law of the land. Laws are only a made up to make money and to imprison the few who are lucky enough to get caught. The more people in prison, the more money the corporate jails make. The more police write tickets, the more police they can have on duty. It’s a vicious cycle of corruption and deceit.

If you innocent until proven guilty then why do you get the ticket first? It should be more like this; Guilty until proven innocent. When you go to court they tell you to speak to the prosecutor, who makes a “deal” with you so you can lie and pay more for a lesser offense. I think that sounds like corruption or bribing. Now this is the part I don’t understand, Why does the Judge work for same employer as the police officers? So if a cop lies and you get a ticket, you won’t be able to prove it because the judge will only believe his police force. A cops word is better than anyone’s else?

An officer is a human too, they make mistakes and bad decisions as well. So why does our society treat them as some hero’s? They barely save anyone’s lives as it is. If your house gets robbed or someone get murdered it’s not that much of a big deal because they are not “making any money.” They want to prey on the smaller criminals. Real criminals scare police; they rather write you a bunch of motor-vehicle violations than catch a murderer. You really don’t need much education or training to be an officer. Half of them are messed up in the head. The other day there was a breaking news story of the police chief taking an assault rifle and having a shoot out with his fellow officers.

Some officers are a ticking time bomb, same goes with all our military personal. We should screen our public work force much more than we already do. If a cop could have a gun, why can’t everyone else? There has been studies of where towns that could legally carry a weapon, the crime rate was significantly reduced. Criminals have weapons so why can’t the average citizen have one? The U.N is already trying to abolish our right to bare arms. They are scared of the upcoming revolution.

The thing about common law is that it’s the law of the land! We have so many laws today it’s crazy, it’s pretty much illegal to do anything without even knowing it. There are so many different ones it’s unbelievable but it would be impossible to read the entire book and see if you did something wrong. In this Orwellian type society everything you do is wrong unless your a sheep and do what your told to do. America is no longer a free country it’s a BIG LIE! We don’t have the Constitution anymore! We have no rights! They are getting ready for Martial Law! You can now be put on trial with no charges and held in a jail-cell forever if your thought to be some kind of “terrorist.”

It’s crazy to think about the main purpose of police. They are just regular citizens that are giving the duty to go around catch people doing thing their not “allowed” to do. They come out and “solve” situation and then make you pay in a court of law. This is just not in America, Police are corrupt everywhere! It’s the power that is given to them with no repercussions for any wrong actions. They could shoot and kill you but they won’t get in trouble because they will blame the incident on you. They need a group of people who police the police. This would put a stop to all the wrong doing of our public servants.

If you search on Google and on You-Tube you will get lots of videos of police corruption or unethical practices. This needs to stop! We already pay high taxes, get small pay checks and then get fucked by by the same people who are screwing us from the beginning. The Government! If you even try to film a police officer in the wrong they will arrest you and dispose of your camera which has happened in the past! (You-Tube Videos) You can never win in this “Criminal Justice” System. It’s setup to be confusing, misleading and a complete money maker! Say if you were proven innocent, you still have to pay the court costs. What a scam! Start protesting you local police department and tell them how they are hurting everyone else but the criminals. Just remember this “Anything Can and Will Be Used Against You In A Court of Law.” It can’t or won’t be used for your court case but ONLY against you! Don’t trust the police!!

I included this great video below, it’s over 20 minutes long but it has a lot of good footage of the upcoming Police State..