The Politics of Disclosure

As the issue of UFO Disclosure is pushed ever higher up the agenda, some activists are really beginning to shift their focus from ‘If’ to ‘When’. Disclosure is now becoming a distinct possibility, and there is no better time for governments to hit the ‘Tell’ switch than 2012. ET issues are seemingly never out of the headlines, with the puncturing of Lake Vostok this week in the Antarctic just the latest suggestion of the discovery of ‘alien life’ here on earth. Lo, we will see new life forms! And as it happens, oceans have been discovered on Mars the same week. How long is it going to take for people to become acclimatised to the idea of disclosure? Is disclosure by degrees an option?

The Issue

Many researchers are convinced that governments, particularly the US government, will not ever disclose the existence of alien life voluntarily. More likely is that their hand will be forced by a mass sighting, which seem to be increasing. The general increase in UFO sightings, particularly orbs, since the onset of 2012 must be concerning them. Is ET getting impatient? Are these mass sighting, such as the Phoenix Lights which was witnessed by thousands, going to increase, and where is the tipping point? While Fox News et al continue their jokey treatment of an issue that has potentially serious global, security and financial consequences we cannot expect that tipping point to come soon. The government hope that we’re all too distracted by finding the best balance transfer credit cards, and filling in our tax returns to be moved to riot in the streets for the truth.

But the Phoenix Lights incident, witnessed and filmed by so many, caused genuine and widespread alarm to a whole city. Those concerns were not addressed and no explanation given by the authorities – other than a rather lame ‘flare’ explanation, which nobody who saw the gigantic triangle believed. Not only this, but their fears were mocked by sections of the mainstream media and some politicians. A whole US city ended up feeling resentful and afraid, knowing they had seen something real, but feeling that their concerns were being brushed off. The rumblings from this incident will not have gone unnoticed by politicians. A larger event, over a number of cities, will not be so easily laughed off. UFO sightings are happening almost constantly somewhere in the world. But the nature of those sightings means that it is hard for the Disclosure Movement to gain enough momentum from them to force the matter to a tipping point. For disclosure to be forced co-ordinated mass sightings need to happen, which cannot be brushed off. When enough people demand answers they will have to be given.

Why Don’t They Disclose?

Like most things the reason for non-disclosure is largely thought to be money and power. Think about the implications of Disclosure for a moment. The respected academic Richard Dolan explores this in his excellent, and very measured book After Disclosure, which addresses some of the complexities surrounding the politics of the issue. If the government were forced into disclosure many difficult shadow government issues may be uncovered. The money spent on Black Ops, unaccounted for but running into billions, would have to be revealed. Was it a co-incidence that the area of the Pentagon dealing with the budget deficit was precisely the one to be hit by the ‘plane’ that hit on 9/11? The President would have to explain why successive governments have covered up and lied to US citizens over many years. In fact, most Presidents would not have a high enough security clearance to know about the issue, and therefore the shadow government may be forced out of the shadows. They would resist this at all costs. What lengths would they go to stay in the shadows? Details of intimidation and suspicious deaths of witnesses and whistle-blowers would be re-examined.

Martial Law

Details of technology we have obtained from alien civilisations – widely thought to include ‘free energy’ – would mean that the world economy, which runs on petrochemical dollars, is thrown into total free-fall. Panic on financial markets, the questioning of religious faith, the panic and fear that is predicted would all lead to a period of martial law, until stability was achieved, Dolan suggests. It is hard not to agree that disclosure would end in global instability. Perhaps then, the politically expedient way forward is to disclose by degrees. Keep an eye on the news and on the science news in particular. See how the agenda there moves in the coming year. You may be surprised. Think through the consequences of disclosure on all aspects of life. It is a useful mental exercise, and one that responsible citizens would be wise to undertake. Maybe survival rations are not such a bad idea afterall. How long would the food supply chain last with so much uncertainty in the world? Disclosure will be a rough ride when it comes, as it surely will. It may not be 2012, but 2012 may well see a stepping up of disclosure by degrees. Keep your eye on the news…and the skies.