Some Of The First Preps To Disappear

By Modern Survival Blog

Following the onset of a regional (or wider) disaster, if and when it becomes known that the disaster is going to last for a week or more, many or most items will disappear from store shelves. It is a given that food of all varieties will be one of the first things to go. But apart from that, here are just a few of the many other items that may disappear sooner than others, given their importance or impact on daily living in today’s modern world.

In no particular order, excluding foods,

Water Filters/Purifiers
Propane Cook-stoves, Coleman stoves
Propane cylinders and Coleman fuel
Gasoline Containers
Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Tissues
Flashlights, torches, lanterns, candles
Portable propane heaters (if during winter), Firewood
Ammunition (Firearms will be difficult to purchase once TSHTF)
Aluminum Foil (lots of uses)
Matches and Lighters
Personal hygiene products (toothpaste, soap, shampoo, shaving, etc.)
Alcohol, cigarettes

While there are so many supplies and items that we all use over a period of time, these struck me as potentially some of those that will be in greater initial demand and may be hard to find once TSHTF.

It may be a good idea to procure some extras of these items now rather than later, assuming that you could use any of them following a major disaster.