President Obama's License To Kill?

Did you know that President Obama could kill U.S citizens? And he doesn’t need any evidence either!!! Shouldn’t there be some substantial evidence before they can make a life or death decision!? Remember in my one post about there is no more checks and balances in our government. We are entering into a total fascist dictatorship!! Forget about the New World Order… It’s way worse than anyone thinks..

Now the administration says that the details of this plan is top secret.. Now doesn’t that seem like a cover-up? Well if you seen this post you’ll find out that the Department of Homeland Security thinks anyone is a terrorist if they believes in freedom or anyone who believes in “conspiracy theories..” The war on terror and the war on drugs will never be won! This is the whole idea, if they can have a police state by the means of creating a fake enemy with no change of winning the war! (Our Post)

It’s war against the citizens! On May 6th, the government launched a drone attack against a US citizen in Yemen.. The government states that Anwar al-Awlaki (American Born Muslim) was a part of the Fort Hood shooting in Texas and also attempted to blow up a plane back in 2009. Two innocent people were killed in this drone attack but the government never released any factual information linking this person to these “attacks..” The US government even admits that they have a list of American citizens that are going to be “targeted” for assassination..

Under what law or right is that possible? Now the (ACLU) American Civil Liberties Union sued the government to disclose the legal standard that the government uses to place Americans on this “kill list…” Now they replied with this statement: “The Program Is A State Secret.” A Federal judge named John Bates dismissed the ACLU lawsuit because of the executive order which allows this killing to occur!

We know that this is a complete power grab by our government and Congress can’t do anything about it! Now this is not the only time our Government has authorized killings overseas..(Bill Clinton-1998 | Attack On Sudan) It all has to do about “national interests” and our government will do anything to prove a point.. Now on May 11th, The Armed Services Committee passed a defense re-authorization bill which allows the President to attack Al Qaeda, Taliban or any organization/person it deems as a terrorist!

Catching terrorists is big business…. Now after 9/11 they rounded up over 1,200 people and deemed them as terrorists and they had nothing to do with the World Trade Center attacks.. So it’s safe to say that the war on terrorism officially started on September 11, 2001.. Some people think that this is only a “temporary war” but this will continue until all the patriots and true freedom seekers are dead or in concentration camps!

We know our government is threatened of true patriots and believers in the Constitution.. We are not the governments slaves, they are our public servants! Ron Paul is one of the only politicians which brought up this subject (Seen in video above).. But our government seems that these killings are okay! People need to stand up and say that we are not paying taxes because of this fraudulent war on terrorism against the citizens…. Now this document below has a lot of good information on the history of government assassinations!