Policeman shot, 2 others stabbed in LA mini-mart standoff


A Louisiana police officer has been shot and another two people were stabbed near a convenience store in the town of Sunset. After a standoff with police ensued, the suspected gunman was taken into custody alive, local media reported.

The gunman barricaded himself inside of the convenience store, according to St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz, and police used megaphones and tear gas to try and lure the individual out. The suspect’s brother was also at the scene trying to help with negotiations.

Despite initial reports stating that a hostage situation had developed with eight people inside the mini-mart, Guidroz confirmed that no hostages were inside the store.

Sunset police confirmed that one of their officers was shot and that the officer was airlifted to a neighboring hospital, WAFB reported. Three helicopters and eight amublances reponded to the scene of the shooting.

The incident began as a domestic dispute away from the convenience store, Guidroz said. Two people were stabbed and when an officer responded to the scene he was shot by the suspect, the sheriff added.

The gunman then drove through the door of the nearby convenience store, went inside and barricaded inside an office, Guidroz said. Three people were inside the store but they were all able to escape safely, he said.