Police Warn All Black Men: “You Could Be Stopped and Questioned”

nJpZov5Paul Joseph Watson

San Diego Police Sgt. Benjamin Kelso is warning all African-American men that they could be stopped and questioned as the manhunt for Christopher Dorner continues.

The longer the search drags on, the more the case is being used as a poster child for making the evisceration of constitutional rights look rational and reasonable.

“If you’re an African American man, you could be stopped and questioned,” Kelso told Fox 5 San Diego. “There are many people that may look like Chris Dorner, myself included. If you are stopped and questioned its important to cooperate with officers.”

Attorney Doug Oden warned that all “large, black men, who have bald heads” should be “concerned,” adding that the $1 million dollar reward promised by the LAPD for information leading to Dorner’s apprehension could hinder rather than help the manhunt.

“There may be people thinking, there’s a large black man, it could be him, I could get paid, so I think that $1 million reward could be counterproductive,” said Oden.

Some heavily built, bald black men in the Los Angeles area have even begun wearing shirts with messages proclaiming they are not Christopher Dorner (see image above). Signs have also been placed on vehicles which read, “Don’t shoot, I’m not Chris Dorner. Thank you.”

Last week, LAPD officers mistakenly opened fire on Emma Hernandez and her daughter, Margie Carranza, blazing their vehicle with bullet holes and prompting questions as to how two hispanic women could be mistaken for a black man. Carranza suffered minor injuries but Hernandez was shot in the back and remains in hospital.

The LAPD’s answer was that Hernandez’ blue Toyota Tacoma “resembled” the truck being driven by Dorner, despite the fact that it was a different color and obviously had a different license plate.

“The vehicle is a different color. The license plate doesn’t match. There’s nothing there for you to start shooting people. And even if they had the person in question… Mr. Dorner… you still have to give them an opportunity to get out. You can’t just start administering street justice,” said Attorney Glen Jonas.

“LAPD cops just flat-out OPENED FIRE on the vehicle without even identifying who was driving it! How did it “resemble” Dorner’s truck? Well, it was a truck! That sucker had four wheels and a bed for hauling stuff!” writes Mike Adams.

LAPD officers also shot at David Perdue as he was surfing in another case of mistaken identity.

“I don’t want to use the word buffoonery but it really is unbridled police lawlessness,” said Perdue’s attorney Robert Sheahen. “These people need training and they need restraint.”

Meanwhile, CNN host Erin Burnett asked if Chris Dorner should be targeted for state-sponsored assassination by a drone strike. The Obama administration is already killing Americans abroad via drone strikes with no due process, leading many to fear that it’s only a matter of time before extra-judicial killings are carried out on U.S. soil.

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