Planet X: Reality Or Fairy Tail?

I am not sure what to make of this topic and it is one of those things that puts you on a roller coaster from day to day and week to week and month to month. I do remember back in 1983 in my science class at John Marshall High school getting a weekly paper back science magazine that had many amazing story’s for that time such as the probability of life in our solar system and the different discovery’s science and NASA was making and one of those discovery’s was a large object  that a Russian satellite had captured a view of just outside our solar system. this object was described as a planet , a planet much larger than that of our own planet earth , yes this one was said to possibly have trees and flowing water while they said at the time they are not sure of its make up they did however give it a name, NASA named it Planet X and I remember running home from school that day telling my parents wow look at this ! they discovered another planet just outside our solar system and it could have life.

The down side was that they also said it only comes close enough to see it every so many thousands of years and the reality was we would never be able to reach this planet in our life times. Well as exciting as it was and as little I would know about this Planet X that again NASA named not I, It would be forgotten by many and not talked about for some years down the road by great researchers like Dr.Jasen Q Rand & Ann Eller or  zecharia Sitchin or whistle Blower researchers like John Moore and then The main Stream media down played it as the dooms day hoax. We have heard this talked about by many and many shows have covered this topic in the alternative media like Coast 2 Coast am & Late Night In The Midlands but yet people are fast to debunk it and with good reason , who wants to talk about or even think about our own vulnerability our own mortal state , our homes our food our water our friends and our family and the way we see the world today changed for ever in the blink of an eye tomorrow ? answer to that is no one of course . The fact is true or not there is great evidence on both sides of this argument and for the ones who say it is a hoax ! you can not afford to be wrong now can you ? yet if all the people who have researched this day in and day out are wrong , then they have sold alot of books and will set the next year of doom for you and I.  So lets talk some about the debunked on planet x . The logical questions come to mind .

1] if its true why do we not hear about this on the main stream media ?

2] why would our Government lie to us ? why would NASA lie to us ?

3] if it is in our solar system why cant we see it ?

4] if it is as close as some say why has it not effected the other planets ?

5] if something that big was moving in why has it not effected our sun ?

6] if that was true then why are there not more people in the southern hemisphere report seeing this ?

7] how come amateur astronomers have not reported this ?

8] why has the ocean not elevated and tides washed up deep on land ?

9] if true why are we not seeing debris from its gravitational pull slamming into the planet ?

10] I will believe it when I see it !

Not let me provide some evidence in favor of the planet x theory and then try and answer some of the questions not in favor of this theory. I will also ad some of the best video evidence for this and you decide what you want.