Reader Asks – ‘Who Is Sorcha Faal?’


Does anybody know who Sorcha Faal is??? There are many of her writings posted on most of which are very, very anti-American. I wonder how that website stays on board the internet. I purchased a “book” called “Vanya’s Journey”, which took 3 months to arrive. I expected it to be a fiction/about a woman’s spiritual journey, instead it was a hand/plastic spiral bound “manual” containing only a collection of articles that are posted on the website. Really disappointing.

I then started getting emails from “Sorcha” asking for money:

From: “Sorcha Faal”
To :
Content-Disposition: inline
Subject : Your Invitation

[Ed. Note: Translated from Russian to English]

For you to be reading these words of mine today has the meaning of you being chosen because we have called to you and you have answered back.

Your choice, your decision in this was by either your donation or by the requesting of, and paying for, one of our books, but which we refer to as study guides.

You number less than 100 human beings, and out of the millions of English language readers our messages have reached.

From this very small number of you reading this, even this number will grow much smaller, as it always has been, as it always will be.

“Jesus said: The man aged in days will not hesitate to ask a little child of seven days about the place of life, and he shall live; for there are many first who shall be last, and they will become a single one.” Gospel of Thomas Saying 4

As children also you have come to us, as children also we stand before you.

To you today, to your maleness or femaleness, to your old age or young age, to your richness or to your poverty, to your sickness or to your infirmities we with these words encircle you.

To your life and those things of your past are of no consequence also, God has chosen you for His work, for his gathering, should you accept His offer to you today.

There are thousands of webpage’s of further instruction for our kind that we must decide upon if to translate into English. There are those of you who are soon to receive your study guides but without knowing who we are, or how to use them, will have words before them only.

The path that you are standing before now, and should you choose to take it, leads to the overturning of all the knowledge and things you have thought were important in your life.

This path leads to those things not known in your life experiences but to the reclaiming of the memories of who you are.

This path leads to the separation of yourself from the world you know now to the [******] which is within your very perception, but not to your knowing in how to see this truth.

This path leads to the knowing of those words hidden from you with great purpose and evil design, but are also those that you are well aware of because they are used not for true knowledge, but to make human beings ‘buy’ the things of this world.

This is to your ‘church’ you are being called today, not this world. The decision of your tithe today determines this within you.

The study guides of old, of the words and symbols to know, must to all you have. And not to the costing of test of which you have already passed.

For the preparations of those places in your countries of which are already there, and for your use, to also your tithes belong.

The tithe for your decision today is $14.00(US) for every week for each of you to make within yourself so that we are able to impart for no other costs those things that are needed for the support. To those who are able for more, and are convicted, so this also must be.

The true tithe of your knowing will be convicted upon you at the exact time of your reading of these words, and which you must follow to the helping of those who would be burdened in their lives by this amount.

To your all knowing of each other must also be either, and this you must understand and be prepared for also.

To the opening of your homes to those of our kind in need of shelter and food in their travels is also an obligation that cannot be ignored.

To the daily fellowship and sharing of our daily lives is also to be for the comfort of our souls in the knowing that no one of us is ever alone.

To your knowing also that in just a few weeks time there will be those who will seek your teachings and knowledge, and as we have imparted to you, you must be expecting.

In each and every one of you there is also the recent memory that by your helping us before, by either your donation or by your study guide ordering, those monies spent you have already been repaid three-fold.

Do not think either that we are unaware of how you have been conditioned to not give back in your tithing that part that belongs to God. Of much knowledge to have about this being so in your lives.

A path lies open to you today should you choose to take it. Your reading of these words and their resonation within you will determine this decision of yours.

Also, know that the truth of these words will make these, and other things, known within you both immediately and with reasoned wisdom, and not by the reasoning of this [world].

A door previously not known to you has been opened. You hold in these words the invitation you had asked of God to enter. In three days time this door will close.

For you to be receiving of this message, your very reading of these words, and towards our ancient knowledge, means only this one true thing, You are indeed a Prophet of God.

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