Russian bots: Armed Uran-9 ground drones enter service

The Uran-9 robotic armed car has quietly entered navy service, it’s producer has revealed. The 12-ton tracked ground drone was examined in Syria earlier than being signed into mass manufacturing.

The drone is one in all a number of merchandise from an organization referred to as 766 UPDK, however management over it was just lately transferred to Kalashnikov Concern, a number one Russian arms producer. In a current interview Kalashnikov boss, Vladimir Dmitriev, mentioned the robotic weapon system has been lastly been accepted by the Russian navy.

“We are currently completing the production of the first series lot,” he told Russian journalists. “The Urans have a good scientific and technological potential for developing further products.”

There are three Uran drones in the intervening time, the mine swiping Uran-6, the armed Uran-9 and the firefighting Uran-14. The combating variant is armed with a 30-mm autocannon, a 7.62 mm machine gun and rockets with anti-tank and incendiary warheads. It can conduct reconnaissance missions or present hearth help to human troops.

The disadvantage of its comparatively small measurement and mass is that it lacks the armor and energetic protection methods of a full-sized tank and could also be susceptible to transportable anti-tank weapons, when the enemy has them, RT’s navy professional Mikhail Khodarenok says.

Russian troops examined Uran-9s in Syria, and based on Dmitriev, the expertise helped discover new methods of bettering the drone earlier than beginning mass manufacturing.