Researcher Offers $25,000 Prize to Anyone Who Can Prove the “Official” Story of the JFK Assassination

By JG Vibes

For decades the JFK assassination has been heavily debated, and like many controversial events in US history, there has never been a legitimate investigation into what actually happened.

Yet, despite this controversy the official government story is what most people choose to believe, simply because they refuse to look at the evidence for themselves.

Recently, an author by the name of Barry Krusch has put forward a challenge to skeptics, and is offering a $25,000 prize to anyone who can prove the official propaganda that has been repeated in mainstream circles for generations.

According to the local fox affiliate in Charlotte:

“Krusch is the Asheville based author of “Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald.” Krusch said if Oswald faced trial, he wouldn’t have been found guilty. Krusch is offering 25-thousand-dollars to anyone he says can prove him wrong that he omitted evidence. “No one has come forward at all. I don’t think anyone believes Lee Harvey Oswald would have been found guilty,” said Krusch.

A gunman fired on Kennedy’s motorcade on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. The Warren Commission that investigated the President’s death concluded that Oswald fired at Kennedy’s motorcade and acted alone. But, Krusch believes key evidence was manufactured.”

“When the President of the United States is assassinated, this is big. If the government is not going to investigate this crime honestly, then who is going to do it and can we really rely on that government? I think the answer is pretty clear we can’t” Krusch said.

So far there has been no winner to the contest, and many have suggested that there probably wont be.