Richard Russell: Stay In Cash, Something, Something ‘BIG’ Is Heading Our Way

Bearish newsletter guy Richard Russellfinds the market action to be very strange and ominous.

He’s specifically concerned by the endless grinding down of the Dow in a manner that’s steady but not yet panicky. Here’s his reaction after yesterday’s market close.

As of today’s closing, Dow down 14 out of 16 sessions! This is one you can tell your kids about. And still no collapse in breadth, and still no crash. The only thing I can make out of it is that a lot of people are “standing their ground.”

Maybe it’s just the Dow that is dying, and the rest of the market is OK. But don’t you believe it. The Dow represents the manufacturing capabilities of the United States, and when you see the Dow doing what it’s doing, you can be sure that somewhere ahead business is going to take it on the chin.

By the way, on May 1st, the Dow recorded a high, but that high was not confirmed by the Transports. The two Averages then plunged below their April lows, delivering a bona fide Dow Theory bear signal. So yes, this is a continuation of the bear market. But it’s starting out in a stranger way than any bear market I’ve ever seen. Maybe the experts are so fascinated with the Dow and Facebook that they’re not taking in what’s happening.

Stay in cash, because I intuit that something BIG is heading our way. After all these years following markets, sometimes I have the feeling that I’ve seen everything. But not this time. Hey, would you believe the Dow could go down 14 out of 16 sessions, and people would still be complacent? There are so many potentially bearish scenarios in the wind that my head is spinning. Last night, I noted that the Dow futures were down 55 points. I can’t remember ever seeing a series like this in my lifetime. As a loyal American, I’d feel better if people were scared out of their wits. What’s it going to take to scare people—the Dow going down to 4000?

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