Rainbow Six – Olympic Bioweapon Foretold?

By Zen Gardner

I was sharing with a friend about the possibility of a biological false flag at the Olympics that Clif High mentioned recently and he shot this back to me.

“There was a Tom Clancy book called Rainbow Six with exactly that scenario… a hyperactive flu bug that they release at the Olympics and spread it around the world… but in the book the International Police Force saves the day and puts the wacko vegan extremists on ice.  he wrote it in 1998… more device forecasting?” (Tx Al!)

So I looked it up. Very freaky. A multinational anti-terrorist unit (sound Olympicly familiar?) called Rainbow 6 is formed as a black op anti-terrorist team on call by various governments. Another group called Global Security forms in partnership with the bad guy radical environmentalists who want to kill off most of the world using an engineered Ebola-shiva virus. This is to be released at the Sydney Olympics where both Global Security and Rainbow land security contracts.

Interestingly Global security draws out Rainbow 6 using smaller staged false flags, hoping to destroy them before the Olympics. This of course fails as does the bio-terrorist plot, with the declared elitist highly funded environmentalist whackos left naked in the jungles of Brazil since they were above prosecution for some reason.


Let’s See If There Are Any Hints Here

I know, this type of plot is nothing new and just about anyone could make it up. But let’s see what might align just in case this is another example of predictive programming. And if so, is rainbow the code word for the operation?

This rainbow theme at the Olympics kinda sticks out a little, would you say? Not only is it the theme song and in tons of their graphics, look at this animated Mascot film they’ve been running.

The Title?…

“Rainbow to the Games”


Is that a rainbow over his head with his mouth covered, or a gas cloud? Just wondering….

In the story two drops of steel from the construction at the games solidify and are taken home by a man named George who gives them as gifts to his kids. The kids take them up to the attic and a rainbow fills the house and the two weird-ass Illuminist figures are given life.

What kind of life will this “rainbow” really being bringing to the games?

The mega-militarization of the London Olympics is anything but “rainbowy” or kid friendly. More troops and private security from all over, including the furtive U.S. and Israel’s infamous Mossad, have been assembled than ever before. Talk about “Global Security”.

Shiva statue at entrance of  CERN

Shiva and the Ebola Outbreak

In Clancey’s Rainbow 6, (which is also a series of video games of course) the Ebola-Shiva virus is the culprit designed to take out humanity, emanating out from the hub of the heavily populated Olympics.

Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction. It’s also the elaborate sculpture at the entrance of the CERN facility in Switzerland as seen above.

So it’s apt nomenclature for a world killing virus. Although one does wonder why it’s at the CERN facility. Unless of course you realize what they’re up to, carelessly opening portals to other dimensions and the like.

And how about the fact that we’ve been seeing an Ebola outbreak in Uganda the past few weeks. Wouldn’t that make a benign scape goat, although they would blame it on Iran without a doubt. If anything happens it’ll be blamed on Iran. You can count on that.

OR worse yet: Some nefarious NEW international terror cabal with plans worldwide already set in place to attack everywhere is uncovered and blamed. (Don’t worry, Iran will be the head of it or something. They WILL pick a fight with Iran…). Wouldn’t that broaden their phony terror war nicely.

All this will be staged by governments any way it unfolds. I mean, they’re warning about IEDs in the US now…really? C’mon!

And speaking of Shiva imagery…

Interpret that however you want. That sucker is loaded…shiva, god, sunburst and el destructor himself nicely captured screwing up the world. Sheesh.


Who knows. We do know they love predictive programming, so when the events happen we’ll take them in stride. It’s also part of their occult protocol regarding forewarning where they claim they get our unspoken permission by this technique.

Or maybe they’re using the idea as a guideline and for codewords etc? Was it a planted idea? Or is all this a coincidence?

Do notice in the book, though, the plot of the so-called terrorists is really very much a perfect description of the Globalists’ agenda, including massive depopulation except for the very few who supposedly care for the planet, as opposed to everyone else who is destroying it.

All I know is we better keep our eyes wide open, because these types of scenarios are very real. A monstrous covert intelligence and black op community roams the earth and is capable of just about anything at any time. They try not to rush it as they’re plan is world control after the chaos, but they work things in stages from the looks of history.

Please don’t fear — but to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

That’s a fact.

Love, Zen