Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s Criminal Defense Attorney Is Eric Holder’s Best Friend

Say hello to Reid Weingarten.

The worst part of the Eric Holder, Covington & Burling, Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, MF Global, Jon Corzine non-functioning Department of Justice is that the one person capable of forcing this issue onto the front pages and into the mainstream spotlight, seems to have no interest in doing so.  I’m talking of course about Wall Street Mitt Romney.

The networks cover the campaigns relentlessly.  They have no choice.  It’s their lifeblood.  If the Romney camp made this a priority with whistle-stop soundbites blasting Holder and Obama for protecting Jon Corzine, the man who stole $1.2 billion, then ABC, CBS and NBC would finally be forced (kicking and screaming most certainly) to cover the Wall Street Covington & Burling Fraud Protection Racket otherwise known as Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

But Romney won’t touch it.  He’s in bed with the same financial terrorists and troglodytes as the corrupt Obama-Holder den of thieves, pillagers and protectors.

Maybe that’s why Ron Paul gave the middle finger to a Romney endorsement this morning.

By Wynton Hall from Big Government

Reprinted with permission.

Blankfein’s Attorney Is Eric Holder’s Best Friend

The crony connections just keep on coming over at Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. Last week, the Justice Department announced that it will not prosecute Goldman Sachs or any of its employees in a financial probe.  Could that be because the attorney for Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein was none other than Attorney General Eric Holder’s “best friend” and former personal attorney, Reid Weingarten?

Or because in 2008, Goldman Sachs employees donated  $1,013,091 to Barack Obama?

Or because Goldman Sachs is the former client of Eric Holder’s and Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer’s law firm, Covington & Burling?

The conflicts of interest and cronyism at Holder’s Department of Justice are so many that it took a 27-page report by the Government Accountability Institute to catalog them all.

And lest one forget: Holder’s best friend Reid Weingarten–who previously represented child rapist Roman Polanski–is also the lawyer for former MF Global treasurer Edith O’Brien.  On Thursday, the New York Times reported that Holder’s Justice Department will not be criminally charging Jon Corzine or any MF Global executives in that case either.

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