Saudi Arabia is helping citizens charged with rape & child porn to flee the US Justice System

Saudi Arabia seems to have been systematically helping its US-based citizens to evade American justice for critical crimes, presumably by offering pretend passports and personal planes.

Late final 12 months, the Oregonian reported 5 circumstances of suspects efficiently fleeing fees in the state of Oregon, which was quickly dwelling to about 1,000 college students from Saudi Arabia. But the similar information outlet has now found a complete of 17 circumstances throughout eight states and even Canada, suggesting the ploy is a longtime apply.

Most of the circumstances contain the same situation: after an arrest, the Saudi consulate hires a authorized workforce and ultimately posts bail, which in two circumstances constituted $1 million and $500,000. Once the suspect is launched, even when that they had surrendered their worldwide journey passport, they by some means handle to depart the nation, earlier than then showing again in Saudi Arabia.

Sameer Noorah was dashing on a suspended license in 2016 when he hit and killed a 15-year-old woman. Two weeks earlier than he was due to face trial in June 2017, a black SUV pulled up outdoors his home and took him to a secluded spot the place his ankle monitor was lower off. At this level, US Homeland Security says he was doubtless issued with a false identification and left the nation on a non-public aircraft.

Other circumstances embody a rape purportedly dedicated after a scholar provided a classmate medication and alcohol, a hit-and-run involving unlawful intoxicants, and a laptop computer containing an enormous library of child pornography.

What appears most surprising is not simply the scope of the crime, however that, in the present ambiance of suspicion relating to international meddling, one other nation has been in a position to flagrantly and freely violate scores of American legal guidelines. This has humiliated the US justice system with out reproach, and the similar schemes may very well be used to transport a terrorist or different safety risk out and in of the nation.

In January, Oregon’s two senators proposed a invoice that will sanction people discovered to have helped arrange these escapes, and punish the Saudi regime collectively, which they stated may very well be utilizing its diplomatic privileges to execute the plans.

“Saudi Arabia’s blatant disrespect for international norms cannot be allowed to stand. We should all be able to agree that any nation that helps their citizens escape from the law needs to be held fully accountable,” stated Senator Jeff Merkley.

But up to now, the story has obtained solely intermittent nationwide consideration, whereas journalists at the Oregonian consider that solely a cursory search of comparable circumstances has been carried out, and this might signify simply the tip of the iceberg.