Scientists Discover Solar Activity Directly Affects Human Consciousness

The sun’s activity, as it interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field, effect considerable modifications in human being’s perspectives, moods, emotions and behavioral patterns.

In the course of solar minimums and maximums the geomagnetic fields start to intensify. The magnetic fields interact with human electrochemically inside of the brain. It affects psychological mechanisms creating anomalous hormonal swings and considerably mutated brain-wave activity.

Wheeler expanded on Chishevsky’s work by learning violence in the course of 1913 measuring the time in between battles and severity. These findings have been compared with the sun’s eleven year sunspot cycle.

The outcomes showed that as the sun cycle peaked, there was a rise in human unrest, uprisings, rebellions, revolutions, and wars among nations. As the magnetic fields intensified, the reaction inside of the human brain was a mixture of deadly emotional tantrums and unadulterated killing sprees.

As Wheeler more compared his findings with human background, he identified a startling pattern that could be traced back 2,500 years.

In solar cycle 22, at the sun’s optimum we knowledgeable Iraq invading Kuwait and the US getting into the first battle against Saddam Hussein.

Just eleven years later on, as the sun grew to become active once more, 9/eleven and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq ensued.

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