Sphinx Covered in Snow Photo is a Fake

sphinx_snow-676x450By Jack Phillips

A photo being circulated around Twitter and Facebook showing the Sphinx covered in snow is not real.

The photo was taken in Japan’s Tobu World Square, where a smaller Sphinx replica is located.

This week, Egypt was hit by a rare snowstorm, but the Sphinx apparently wasn’t hit. Cairo experienced its first snowstorm in years.

The Tobu World Park has a number of replicas, including the Sphinx, Pyramids, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Versailles.

“ To hand down the precious world heritages for mankind to future generations, we constructed the exquisite reproductions to 1/25th of the original sizes of 102 historic relics and architectures in the premises, which are presently exhibited in the Park,” reads the park’s website.