“Security Exercise” Planned Around Upcoming Bilderberg Meeting?

Jurriaan Maessen


According to several citizen-journalists, the entire area around the Grove Hotel near Watford UK and the hotel itself will be cordoned off by the local Hertfordshire constabulary in a “security exercise”. The exercise is planned exactly at the time that the Bilderberg conference is expected to take place there, from June 6-9.

A person posting on David Icke’s website forum apparently contacted the Hertfordshire constabulary, from which he learned that a security exercise, or drill, is planned not only in the area of the Grove hotel, but also inside the Hotel itself.

“I rang them up at their HQ this afternoon (April 15) to test the water, and they said that the matter is not for public discussion, but they did confirm that a security exercise is in place for that area and at the hotel between those dates. Naturally they declined my question as to which heads of state and officials were attending and all I got told by the call handler was “I don’t have that information Sir.”

As we would expect, the Hertfordshire constable that gave this information was tight-lipped. The information provided however does suggest that Bilderberg is not taking any chances this year. Given the fact that Bilderbergers are increasingly hounded by citizen journalists, a security exercise in and around the Hotel will presumingly be put in place as cover behind which the participants may continue their deliberations in peace.

On the UK-based Planet X forum, one person writes he decided to ring up the Hotel, pretending to be interested to book a wedding at the hotel. He told the Grove employee he could only come and view the facilities at either June 7 of 8. The response by the employee at the “social events”-team at the hotel confirms that there will be high-level security on June 7 and 8, allowing no one to enter the Hotel or its immediate surroundings at those dates. He was told:

“Unfortunately on the 7th and 8th June 2013, the whole hotel and facilities are booked out to a group holding an international event. There is no way that you can come and visit that weekend. The only time we have free for you to visit is at 1030am on Monday 10th June, and the Amber suite will be available to view.”

After his request to view the Hotel, he proceeded to ask if he could instead “view the grounds and golf club”. The response he got from his second request?

“For security of this group event we cannot let anyone come to the hotel grounds either.”

“I asked if it was an international wedding, and she said:

“No its an international meeting and the whole hotel is booked out including all rooms.”

So, as reported earlier the nearby Fullerians Rugby Club has taken an unusual booking from the Hertfordshire constabulary, booking “the entire grounds and facilities for ten days – spanning the weekend of the conference.” Bilderberg2013.co.uk writes:

“The rugby club has no idea what the booking is actually for. Could this be the base of operations for security during the event?”

That question, it seems, can only be answered with an affirmative. Furthermore, hotel staff has earlier confirmed that a complete security lockdown is planned at the area from June 6-9:

“Hotel staff have said that the booking has been made by a ‘major’ and ‘high profile’ group. The whole hotel is ‘out of bounds’ and ‘in lockdown’ for the duration. One member of staff said: ‘We don’t know what it is, senior staff know what it is but they won’t tell us.’ They first heard about this unusual event in January.”

It’s fairly obvious that a massive security “exercise” around the entire area will be going live for the purpose of securing an international group event. We may assume that the operation planned will not be put in place to prevent anyone from entering the annual conference of the organization for international stamp-collectors. Either Bilderberg descends on Hertfordshire, or it will be the most elaborate red herring ever contrived.

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