First of two winter storms barrels into the Midwest and Northeast

The first of two winter storms hit the Midwest of the country overnight – but it’s just a ‘nuisance’ compared to the ‘blockbuster’ blizzard that will arrive over the weekend.

Weather services warned people to avoid travelling where possible on Friday morning because roads are icy, sidewalks are hazardous and flight cancellations are likely.

The first storm is forecast to swing quickly through the Midwest to the Northeast through Friday morning, bringing a couple of inches of snow to Pennsylvania and New England states.  

But the second storm, forecast for the weekend, is expected to be far more dangerous and disruptive.

The ‘blockbuster’ blizzard will take hold on Saturday and Sunday, and people are advised to complete any necessary errands beforehand. 

According to AccuWeather, the storm could cause a buildup of ice exceeding a quarter of an inch from parts of northern Virginia to the southern coast of New England. 

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