Star older than Universe discovered – threat of ‘scientific crisis’

The Universe is believed to have popped into existence some 13.eight billion years in the past when an infinitesimal level expanded billions of lightyears throughout in only a fraction of a second. The Big Bang idea has stood for the very best half of 100 years after Belgian physicist Georges Lemaître first proposed in 1927 the enlargement of the Universe might be traced again to a single level. However, the nicely-accepted mannequin is now beneath the microscope after a crew of researchers discovered a star which seems to be older than the cosmos.

A star know as “Methuselah star”, or scientifically referred to as HD 140283, is located about 200 million lightyears away and has stumped consultants.

Analysis of the star confirmed that it contained little or no iron content material, which would counsel that it fashioned throughout a interval when the iron ingredient was not ample within the Universe.

This in flip led to the invention the star is 14.5 billion years outdated, some 0.7 billion years older than the Universe.

Experts met at a convention in California in July in an try and remedy the thriller, however to this point questions have simply led to extra questions – and it might result in a “scientific revolution”.

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