Seven people shot on party boat in Detroit

“She was shooting from behind some bushes,” says Demetria Fox, one of seven people shot outside the Detroit Princess after the boat docked in downtown Detroit at the end of a moonlight cruise.

Tempers began to flare on the boat when two families that Fox says had been engaged in an on-going dispute began to argue. During the argument one man slapped a woman, Fox’s relative.

Once the boat docked, another woman quickly ran to a vehicle, got a gun and began firing into the crowd as others exited.

It all happened around 1:10 a.m. Monday morning. While police consider most of the injuries to be minor, we’re told one person is in critical condition.

The shooter escaped but police sources say they know who they are looking to arrest.

Detroit Police are not confirming reports that there may have been a second person shooting at the woman who opened fire on the crowd.

Anyone with information is asked to call 313-596-5240.