Syrian Rebels Storm pro Assad TV station

Gunmen have stormed the headquarters of a Syrian pro-government news channel, planting explosives and killing three employees, according to state media.

Syria’s official Sana news agency said the attack on Ikhbariya TV took place in the town of Drousha, about 15 miles south of the capital  Damascus, on Wednesday morning.

An employee at the station said that the gunmen stormed two of the station’s buildings, detained some of the guards then blew up parts of it with explosives.

The unnamed employee claimed the gunmen blindfolded him then drove him away about 200 yards where he heard the explosion.

“The terrorists planted explosive devices in the headquarters of al Ikhbariya following their ransacking of the satellite channel studios, including the newsroom which was entirely destroyed,” state media said.

“Three journalists and workers were martyred as a result of the brutal terrorist attack,” it added, without giving details on how the employees died.

The Syrian press is tightly regulated by the Ministry of Information and although Ikhbariya is privately owned, opponents of President Assad say it is a government mouthpiece.

Sana has accused the Sunni-led states of Qatar and Saudi Arabia of launching a “a sinister campaign” against Syria, along with western media organisations.

During the 16-month-old pro-democracy revolt against the Assad family’s four-decade rule, Ikhbariya has also pushed to counter what it says is a foreign-backed terrorist conspiracy.

Ikhbariya resumed broadcasting shortly after the attack.