Secret US Space Agency Gives NASA Two New Spy Telescopes

What do you know about the National Reconnaissance Office? Did you know that the shadowy space agency has two spy telescopes much more potent than the Hubble that they’re merely not making use of anymore? And did you know that it gifted them to NASA for studying the secrets of the universe? Yep, that is exactly what happened.

The NRO-1 and NRO-2 telescopes are currently sitting dismantled in an upstate New York warehouse, waiting to be retrieved. According to the Washington Post, the mirrors of the telescopes measure 7.9-feet in diameter, just like the Hubble. But in contrast to the creaky telescope at the moment in orbit, the NRO hardware has a secondary mirror enabling 100 times the resolving power.

This, predictably, has scientists and researchers very enthusiastic. According to the NY Times, numerous believe this will rejuvenate the American space program, hoping the added power of the telescope will let for the study of dark energy as it relates to the expansion of the universe.

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