Secret Spy ‘Footage From Bedrooms’ Of Epstein’s Estate Revealed In Shocking Blackmail Tapes

New details about Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail tapes is uncovered within the newest episode of the podcast. Epstein: Devil in the Darkness .”

Episode 5 explores why the Epstein recordsdata went lacking, who has them immediately, and who ought to be fearful about what they comprise.

The blockbuster episode options an unique interview with former Palm Beach County Deputy Sheriff John Mark Dougan. Dougan, who has been lately reported to be a particular person of curiosity to Britain’s MI6, claims to have direct information and entry to Jeffery Epstein’s secret DVDs that comprise footage from the bedrooms in his property, all of which had a number of cameras put in in them.

“They weren’t tapes a lot as DVDs. I don’t know if these have been footages or not, however each bed room in Epstein’s homes had a number of cameras in them. He used to maintain data of all people. He used to retailer the whole lot. So the Palm Beach Police Department, they knew that there have been 1000’s and 1000’s of those DVDs. Except… Now, that is very fascinating. When they went to seek for them, they have been gone.”

Dougan continues: “It’s not really a question of who would have had access. The question you should be asking is: Who had knowledge that the search was coming? And the answer to that is the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Because the state attorney’s office and sheriff’s office, they’re the ones who have to take the warrants and take them in front of the judge to get them signed off. There were elements within these two organizations that didn’t want to see anything happen to Epstein.”

Dougan is satisfied Epstein was put as much as getting rich individuals to sleep with underage girls so these individuals might be blackmailed by Western intelligence businesses.

“He was able to leave jail basically anytime he wanted. Right? This is like really unheard of. But he was able to leave jail as long as he had two deputies go with him on an overtime detail. They were paid overtime detail. Now, overtime detail, this is Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, by contract are selected out of a random pool. This was different. These deputies that would go with him were handpicked by the sheriff. And there were guys specifically who would look the other way while he was bringing underage girls into his office and into his home.”