Sawyer School in Providence closes, leaving students in the dark

sawyer-students-angry-at-school-closing-43538By Linda Borg

The Sawyer School in Providence has closed its doors, leaving more than 300 Rhode Island students wondering what will happen to their tuition.

Mike Trainor, a spokesman for the Board of Governors of Higher Education, confirmed Wednesday that the school had closed and that his office was meeting with students.

(The board has been merged with the Rhode Island Department of Education). He said the R.I. State Police and the attorney general’s office have been contacted, according to the Associated Press.

Sawyer offered two certificate programs: office information systems and medical assistance. Tuition is about $20,000 a year.

Trainor said that through a special agreement, the Lincoln Technical Institute will accept Sawyer students, although it isn’t clear whether their tuition can be applied to Lincoln.

The Community College of Rhode Island is looking into whether it can accept Sawyer students.