Strange subliminal message appears on History Channel show “Unidentified” about UFOS

Well my pal and I had seen a flash on the display screen of the most recent episode known as S1 E5 titled: “The Atomic Connection”. After a clip was performed of a nuclear bomb going off whereas watching the show my eye had caught this written picture so I blurted out.

“Were those words that displayed on the screen? I think it was a subliminal message.”

My pal remarked, “I think you’re right let’s look because that was weird.”

So my pal rewinds the show, and it took a couple of tries as a result of the picture had appeared so rapidly to seize it when it got here up, lastly we had been in a position to pause it proper on the body. The consequence beneath. I took an image with my cellphone.

The phrases say, “GREEN SEPARATION” and it’s the other way up.

Why was it the other way up?
What does “Green Separation” imply?
Why would the show use this as a subliminal message?

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