Stuff They Don't Want You To Know! (Part 5)

The Death of Diana: Accident or Conspiracy?

When Princess Diana died as a result of a horrendous car crash in Paris, the United Kingdom was shaken to the core. As more details emerged, some people became convinced that Diana’s death was not an accident.

What is the Money Pit?

Located off the coast of Nova Scotia, Oak Island seems like an unremarkable place — except, that is, for the mysterious site known as the money pit. But what is it, exactly? Who built it? Most importantly, what does it contain?

Is the Curse of the Pharaohs Real?

In 1922, Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tut. According to rumors, Carter’s group was cursed for defiling the pharaoh’s grave. Tune in to learn more about the pharaoh’s cure — and why some believe there may be a grain of truth to the story.

Is the US Headed Toward Hyperinflation?

A dollar doesn’t buy what it used to, and some worry that the US is headed toward disastrous hyperinflation. And, according to some conspiracy theorists, this isn’t an accident.

What if the Cold War Never Ended?

Most historians agree that the fall of the Soviet Union occurred in 1991, and the KGB was dissolved in the same year. Or was it? Tune in to learn how a Soviet defector convinced high-level members of the US government that the KGB still controls Russia.

Was There a Conspiracy to Kill Dr. Martin Luther King?

When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered at a Memphis motel, the world recoiled in shock. Two months later James Earl Ray was arrested and, ultimately, convicted of the crime. So why do some people think there’s a cover-up?

What is Alchemy?

Stuck halfway between the superstitions of magic and the methodology of science, alchemy was an intellectual haven for some of history’s most influential thinkers, including Isaac Newton. But what exactly is it — and why do some people believe it works?

Is the Government Covering up the Risks of Fracking?

Hydraulic fracturing is a process used to enhance the output of oil wells, and an estimated 90% of natural gas in the US comes from wells using this process. The EPA claims the process is not harmful — but not everyone agrees.

What is the Trilateral Commission?

With around 390 members, the Trilateral Commission is a fairly small group — so why do they get so much attention from conspiracy theorists?

Vampire Panic

Between 1799 to 1892, families across New England dug up the corpses of their children, parents and siblings, desecrating the bodies in an effort to prevent them from rising from the grave.

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