Stuff They Don't Want You To Know! (Part 8)


Experts agree that jet contrails are harmless, yet thousands of people think the vapors are evidence for anything from massive drug dosing to weather wars. Why? Learn more about the conspiracy theories surrounding chemtrails.

Hollow Earth

As World War II raged across Europe and the Pacific, the conflict reached every continent on the planet, including Antarctica. Learn more about the little-known Nazi expeditions to Antarctica — and what they hoped to find there.

Project Blue Book

For ufologists and skeptics alike, Project Blue Book had the potential to be a gold mine. Learn how the US Air Force launched an official UFO investigation that spanned decades — and why some people suspect a conspiracy.

The Hum

In certain parts of the world, groups of people from all walks of life claim to hear a continuous hum. Yet not everyone can hear this noise, and there’s no hard proof of its existence.

Living Dinosaurs?

According to mainstream science, dinosaur populations were wiped out eons ago. Or were they? Discover why some cryptozoologists and theorists believe that dinosaurs still exist today.

Energy Vampires

People have told vampire legends for thousands of years, and the monster’s image has continuously changed over time. You already know that some people believe in vampires — but what kind?


Although sightings of the Chupacabra were first reported in Puerto Rico, eyewitness reports soon began to arrive from across the Americas. But what exactly is this thing? Is it even real?

Dyatlov Pass

During the Cold War, a group of Soviet hikers disappeared in the Ural mountains. When they were finally discovered, it was clear that something had killed them — but what, exactly?

Serial Killer Cult

Serial killers typically work alone. However, some serial killers have claimed to be part of a nationwide cult — and some people believe them. Why? After all, this theory relies on the statements of the criminally insane.

Monkey Army

Tasked with building Stalin’s new army of super soldiers, Russian scientist Dr. Ilya Ivanov attempted to breed monkeys and human beings. Learn more about humanzees — and the people who think they already exist.

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