Scientists: The Human Race Is Dying

Grim scientists have been running the numbers since the early Seventies and for some the writing’s on the wall: unless drastic action is taken soon the human race may quickly fade into extinction. That terrifying fact is all too real and people could simply cease to exist not in a timespan measured in tens of thousands of years, or even thousands, but in as little as a handful of centuries.

The birthrate drives the human race into the future. Despite predictions that the population will continue to grow far beyond the current seven billion or so, the actual projected actuarials show a much more disturbing trend: extinction.

First brought to the attention of the world by a study that was featured in the magazine National Geographic, the article painted a picture of Doomsday that the human race seemed certain to fulfill.


Scientists aware of the real downward spiral in the growth chart of the human population don’t spend sleepless nights worrying about a civilization-ending nuclear war or careening asteroid smashing into the Earth. They don’t even stay up late wringing their hands over the affects of global warming or some virulent disease escaping a biowarfare lab.

The National Geographic published the bad news.

What makes those scientists chronic insomniacs is the countdown clock to oblivion that the faltering birthrate signals.


The rise and fall (and extinction) of a population

Studies done during the 1970s focusing on population growth and extinction revealed a terrifying truth: as populations grow unchecked there comes a tipping point. When that point is reached the population plummets, violence increases, birth rates fall, and fertility withers away.

The collapse of population numbers would accelerate and continue. No stabilization point was reached. The decline in population would advance unabated until the total extinction of the species.

The best study used rats as the population. At first the rats were peaceful, food plentiful and they bred voraciously. Having no natural predators, the population increased almost exponentially. Eventually, the freedom they had to roam their environment shrunk as the population crowed itself into the environment. The rats became less accomodating of other rats. Agression increased. Anxiety increased. Bouts of madness flared up in the population. And still the population swelled.

Then the scientists noticed that virtual warfare broke out amongst the formerly peaceful rats. As the population peaked, the birthrate began to fall. Some of the rats no longer had an interest in sex. Others still mated, but no births resulted or the number of offspring dwindled significantly.

The trend continued.

Eventually, the population declined to a few remaining rats. The rats would not procreate. They picked at their food, lost weight, and eventually died.

Extintinction, at least in the universe of rats that participated in the experiment.

The research revealed that growing, unchecked populations eventually reach a crisis and is inevitably followed by mass extinction.

Could such a thing happen to humans? After all, humans have a higher intellect and cognitive awareness than rats. Couldn’t humans think their way out of such a dead end? The scientists argued that humans cannot. It seems all life forms, animals, insects, perhaps even plants, can meet the same terminal end from unchecked overpopulation.

One of the warning signs, they said, is a drop off in fertility.


The frightening decline of male sperm

The warning echoing from 40 years ago is now being heard. Recent studies have exposed the alarming fact that male sexuality is decreasing and sperm counts are dropping. All races are affected and men from all cultures are experiencing the decline.

The Alliance for Natural Health writes: “Men’s sperm counts are falling dramatically in modern society. In 1940, sperm counts were typically well above 100 million sperm cells per milliliter. According to a Danish study, they have dropped to an average of 60 million per ml. Other studies find that between 15 and 20 percent of young men have sperm counts of less than 20 million per ml.”

Death of the immune system

Adding to the acceleration of human extinction is something the rats in the 1970s study did not have to contend with: weakening immune systems.

The human immune system is under attack from man-made chemicals, deadly additives in foods, and from the mutating biosphere.

Studies have discovered many of the biotech industy’s products are destroying the human immune system. One of the reasons that immuno-deficiency diseases are on the rise is because of the harm being done by the engineered foods, especially those laden with insecticides.

“Animals fed genetically modified soy and corn—specifically, soy and corn containing toxic proteins from the bacteria Bacillus thuriengensis, which kills insects that damage corn, soy, cotton, canola and other crops—were seen to be less able to digest proteins due to alterations in the micro-structure of their intestines. They also suffered immune system alterations,” according to the report by the Alliance for Natural Health.

Death knell for the human race

As biotech food jams grocery shelves, the population boom accelerates to the tipping point, and male sexuality and sperm counts continue to decline, the end is rapidly approaching.

Doomsday is a given. No race can last forever. But the human race does not have to hasten the end. Applying common sense and the wisdom gained through thousands of years could enable humans to live and advance for many more millions of years.

Instead, at least at the moment, Mankind is continuing to destroy itself.